Orabloc Needlestick Safety System




“Redefining NeedleStick Safety Protocol”


Anywhere there’s a need to protect a healthcare professional and/or individual from dangerous sharps injuries.

Watch this short description of the device

Features and Benefits:


  • 100 protective capsules in each device

  • Colored capsules for easy visualization when capsules are running low

  • 100% portable. Non-slip, high-quality silicone bottom to adhere to surfaces

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Fits all needles for both human and veterinary use regardless of size and gauge

  • Works with bent or angled needles

  • Re-caps tips on both sides of the dental needle


Prevention and protection

  • The hard outer shell of the capsule makes it impossible for needles to penetrate

  • Prevents accidental needle-sticks during re-capping whether the needle is straight or angled

  • Protects healthcare personnel even if the original needle cap is no longer available

  • Prevents accidental needle-sticks if the needle falls or is left unattended on a tray or when disposing in a sharps container

  • Protects housekeeping and waste management workers

  • Prevents accidental needle-sticks regardless of re-capping method


Watch this video showing how to use the device

It’s very simple and easy to use:

when disposing of a used syringe, place the needle tip in the funnel opening on top of the device. Once inserted (deeply into the capsule), remove the syringe. You will see a protective capsule covering the needle and you will notice the system “automatically advance” to the next available capsule.


  • Fits all range of dental needle sizes (and more)!

  • Automatically advances to the next capsule!

  • Easy to Use!

  • Easy to see color capsules!


This device is the only system to work with bent or angled needles.  Watch this video to see how to works




Orabloc Needlestick Safety System \ USA


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